Frequently Asked Questions


Will I need to clean the apartment?

You are our guest and you should not have to clean. During your stay, your apartment will be cleaned every 7 days. This includes cleaning of the floor, bathroom, bedlinen and two sets of towels.


Optional is an extra cleaning sometime during the 7-day cleaning routine. Due to busy cleaning schedules, you are requested to make the reservation for the extra cleaning a minimum of 7 days before the preferred day.


In case you spilled something, or for another reason you need to clean, there is cleaning gear in the cupboard at the first floor. If the two sets of towels provided are not sufficient, please use the washing machine at the second floor to wash a set. Usage of the washing machine is free of charge.


What about the deposit?


When you book on this website, you need to pay an initial amount to secure your booking that is called deposit. This is a bit confusing because you will not get it back.


How do I get to the apartments from the airport?


From the airport, take the direct metro line 5 – Marítim – Serrería to the end. And then walk 12 minutes or take tram 6. Total travel time is a bit more than an hour excluding waiting time for the metro.


Google Maps also gives good advice how to travel.


The taxi is a good alternative (usually €30, 20 minutes travel time); there is a taxi stand on the ground level of the airport.


Can I leave my luggage before 16:00 at the day of arrival, or after 11:00 at the day of departure in the appartment?

You can not leave bags in the apartment because of the cleaning. We have a solution for you! You can leave the bags under the staircase on the groundfloor, or in the room with the washing machine. When you come back, you will not have a key to the frontdoor, we will let you in remotely again. It is the same procedure as for the first arrival. Inform us at what time you expect to arrive.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

We have flexible cancellation. Tres Reinas Valencia is not active on the major platforms such as Booking and AirBnB and therefore does not receive bookings at short notice. In the event of cancellation, we have no other income, but we do have all kinds of costs, such as from intermediaries. Our cancellation conditions are also tailored to this:

• Guests must cancel at least 30 days prior to arrival to receive an 85% refund.

• If a guest cancels between 14 and 30 days before arrival, they will be refunded 50% of all costs.

• If guests cancel between 7 and 14 days, the refund is 25%.

• If a guest cancels less than 7 days before arrival, a refund is not available.

• Guests will receive a full refund if they cancel within 24 hours of booking if it is at least 14 days before their arrival.


Will I have my personal terrace.


The two-bedroom appartment has a wide balcony at the seaside for private use. Guests from all three apartments can use the large 145m2 rooftop terrace. You will find a couple of sitting area’s with comfortable chairs and tables, picknick tables and sunbeds.


Where can I park my car?

You can park free of charge in Calle de la Reina, Dr Lluch or any street in the neighbourhood. However, there are usually only few parking spots available. We recommend to use a parking garage.


We can reserve your spot in a secure parking garage with 24/7 access and CCTV security. It is just 9 minutes walking (650 m) from the apartments.


It is suitable for City Cars, Sedan cars, Family cars, Large SUV. The limitations are a maximum height of 2.2 meter, no utility cars, and no motorbikes. The minimum time of parking is one day.


The costs are low, we charge no booking fee and offer discounted charges compared to the standard tariffs, if booked through Tres Reinas (for example 1 day: € 21 and 30 days € 110).


For a reservation, please use the contact form, or email me with the following information:


    • Your full name:
    • Your mobile telephone number including country code:
    • License plate:
    • Day and time of arrival:
    • Time of arrival:
    • Day of departure:
    • Time of departure:

We will send you the costs,  and after receipt of your payment we will make the reservation immediately.


See also Secure Parking.


Where do I park my bike?

You can safely park your bike on the other side of the street by securing your bike with a lock to the “staple-shaped” bike stands. It is NOT allowed to park bikes anywhere inside our building, because it will damage the white plastered walls.


Where do I rent a bike?

With the many cycling paths in Valencia, renting bicycles in Valencia is very popular. I prefer the “shared bikes” that you find at You can pick up and drop one of the 2750 bikes at one of the 275 bike stations in Valencia. There are three bike stations within 10 minutes walking distance of the apartments.


Valenbisi’s bicycles are fine for the city, but are solid and heavy. If you are looking for a more sporty bicycle, it is better to rent at a bicycle rental company. I once rented from (don’t lose your key because then you pay for a new lock). I had good feedback about c/ de la Reina 11; recently Ruzafa Bike Rental opened in C/de la Reina 81
Other alternative bike rental shops are and
There are “staple shaped bike stands” for securing the bikes across the street. Please use these, parking bikes or other vehicles inside the building is not allowed because of the plastered walls.


Are the apartments non-smoking?


Smoking is forbidden inside the building. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace where two vase shaped ash trays filled with sand are provided.


Are pets or other animals allowed in the apartements?


We love animals, and therefore we are sorry to inform you that pets are strictly forbidden in the building or apartments. Your pet needs to stay somewhere else. We also advise you not to touch any unknown pets during your stay.


Can I use the beach umbrella’s?


You are welcome to use the beach umbrellas and the plugs to stabilize these in the sand. Please be so kind to replace these with the same large size and good quality if these get damaged, so the next guests can enjoy these also.If you do not find beach umbrella’s and plugs, somebody has forgotten to replace these.


What are the connections and transportation options ?


Close to Tres Reinas Valencia apartments are several bus stops, trams, underground, a train station and a taxi stand.


Taxis are to most European standards affordable. There are several ways to get a taxi:


    • At a taxi stand, like on the airport, and on the corner C/ de la Reina and C/de Mediterrania.
    • In the street: stop taxis that have their green light on.
    • Call Valencia “Radiotaxi”: (0034) 96 370 33 33.
    • Use the app “Cabify” (like UBER).
    • Use the app “Free Now” – for direct or reserve a taxi up to 4 days before you need it.

The train station s Valencia Cabanyal-Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, s/n, 46022 is close.


The closest stops and stations are:


    • For line 4 and 6 is the tram stop at Dr. Lluch (parallel to C/de la Reina towards the sea)
    • For line 5 and 7 is the subway/metro station Maritim-Serreria at C/ de la Serrdora-Carrer de Jeroni de Montsoriu.

Close to Tres Reinas in Calle de Reina and Calle del Dr Lluch are the following bus stops:


    • EMT line 19: Pl. de l’Ajuntament La Marina / La Malva-Rosa (both directions)
    • EMT line 32: Passeig Maritim Pl. de L’Ajuntament ((both directions)
    • EMT line 92: La Malva-Rosa Campanar. (both directions)
    • EMT line N1: Pl. de l’ Ajuntament B. Ibanez / La Malva-Rosa (loop)

Carrer Mediterrania:


    • EMT Line 9: De l’Ajuntament – Mont-Olivet / Cabanyal Pl. de l’Ajuntament Mont-Olivet / Cabanyal (loop)

Find more information about buses at EMT
More about the metrovalencia for the underground and trams.


Payment with a bank card or credit card in buses and trams is not possible, only cash or the SUMA card, or other transport cards are accepted.


Payment is easiest with the SUMA card that you buy at tabacco shops and at the metro stations.


What can I do in Valencia ?


In the guest manual you will find suggestions what to do in Valencia. Further we recommend using Visit Valencia; the website is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Russian. GetinvolvedValencia also has good activities.


Can Tres Reinas keep the apartment reserved without booking?


We can keep an apartment for you for 4 days against a deposit of € 25. This can be extended once by 2 days. We deduct the deposit from the amount of the final booking, otherwise it will expire.


Should I bring Beach Towels?

If you plan to go to the beach, then you need to bring you own beach towels. The white towels in the apartment can not be be used because the fine sand of the beach sticks in the texture and makes these yellow. Washing doesn’t make these bright again.